Friday, November 4, 2011

Help spread the word

I suppose every entrepreneur feels like I do - when you first open for business and invite real customers to experience your service. After months of hard work and planning it's nail-biting stuff, and each new email which arrives in my inbox saying "Purchase Receipt for Order" gets a gleeful grin.

To all our members so far, a very heartfelt welcome. Thank you for joining, I hope you have an inspiring and fulfilling journey to fitness with us!

Thank you very much everyone who's helped get RSM off the ground. It's been great fun sharing the entrepreneurial spirit so far, and now that we're in business, the biggest challenge is spreading the word.

We put out a press release today and we're working on some exciting commercial partnerships which we'll announce soon.

Meanwhile, if you can think of any innovative ways to share Ready Steady Mums on-line, I'd really appreciate it... and please help us build our Facebook community into a truly inspiring resource for new mums.
Marketing Ready Steady Mums, join the fun!

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