Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Results

What results do you want from your postnatal activity and exercise?

....Celebrate how many of your old clothes you fit in? Record how fast or far you can walk or run? Track how positive your mood is? Measure the changes to your vital statistics?

Well today I am sharing my personal Ready Steady Mums results*.

Here is just my own example of what's both possible and sensible. I worked with Personal Trainer Baz Moffatt, an exercise academic and elite athlete, in choosing this approach to measurement.  You can read more about Baz here:

I feel healthy, I am actively embracing motherhood, and I am playing sport again.  

I'd love to hear your comments.  What do you think of my results?

PS A note about pace
We're all different, but whatever we're aiming for, we need to give ourselves time.  Remember what an amazing and challenging thing our bodies have done giving birth.  Luckily for me, my GP gave me the all-clear to get active following a straight-forward birth and no health complications.  So, with a lot of self-discipline and care, I took 6 months to complete my Ready Steady Mums programme.

Ready Steady Mums programmes only progress at the safe pace for individual mums, depending on what your medical professionals advise you.  In a blog entry soon I am featuring my own GP who guides hundreds of new mums on how to look after themselves.  Later on I will also share with you some of my own personal fitness challenges and how I overcame them. 

*I'm a bit of a statistics fan (!) and chose to measure:
Weight in kilograms
Widest part of my Buttocks
Around my Waist, level with my belly-button
Around the widest part of my Boobs
Around my Chest where my bra strap goes
The widest part of my Upper Thigh
Around my Mid Thigh where my fingertips touch
The widest part of my Calf
My Relaxed Upper Arm half way from shoulder to elbow
My Flexed Upper Arm

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