Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank you for reading...

I've shared my personal story of actively embracing motherhood, and the story of developing a unique new approach to pre and postnatal exercise over the past 3 years.

Since March 2010 my body has been either growing or feeding babies. But now I'm almost done with breast-feeding my youngest baby boy. No more babies are planned. My body is back to normal and I'm loving exercise.

Now I'm turning my full focus onto building the Ready Steady Mums community.

The Ready Steady Mums approach to pre and postnatal exercise has been tested and refined by me and thousands of other mums. We have extensive endorsement from the medical professionals and support from community groups. So now it's time grow, to reach millions of mums, to transform the experience of motherhood, and help mums be fit, healthy and happy.

Thank you for reading my blog, this is the final entry. Over and out. Come and join me now at

Thanks everyone,
Katy xx

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