Friday, April 12, 2013

How Quickly Should You Lose Your Baby Weight?

Here is the hard data - the record of how my vital measurements changed as a result of my postnatal exercise. I'm sharing my results, as promised, and it would be really interesting to hear if anyone else has made such extensive measurements of how their vital statistics changed since giving birth. I know there must be some other geeky mums out there!

In both my pregnancies I grew A LOT.  My babies were big (3.9kg/8lb10oz and 4.6kg/10lb2oz). I'm 174cm tall and I went from 62kg to 83kg - at my peak just before giving birth. You can see it took me about 6 months to get back to normal. This is about how quickly experts recommend you should safely lose your baby weight.

I wrote an earlier blog about how I did got back in shape through exercise by following my own Ready Steady Mums programme, and another about how long it should take to safely recover from childbirth, so check those out for the details.

Today though, I'm just having a little celebration. I'm glad I bothered to do the measurements so I can smile at my chart now :) And more generally, it makes me so proud to have grown and given birth to each of my two baby sons... to have worked my way back to full fitness each time... and to be actively embracing motherhood with them.

  • I feel really great – confident with my body and energetic
  • I can do the things I want to physically, I have functional strength and a strong core to play with my babies
  • I’m back playing sport
  • I'm healthy!
I wish you all the same. Let's be fit, healthy, happy mums!

PS For my very observant readers you'll notice I shared similar chart for my first pregnancy almost two years ago. The lines are very similar, although interestingly I have bigger boobs now!

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