Friday, February 22, 2013

The humble cup of tea

My favourite mug
I love tea. A wise person once told me that people who often make and drink tea are generally more effective in the workplace and more successful in life. I took it to heart. I am serious about my tea!

And now that I am a mum of two, I appreciate even more what a tea break is really for.  My life involves: enjoying time with my two babies and trying to bring them up well; quality time with my husband; working to earn money; a small bit of charity work; working to build the Ready Steady Mums community; some academic research; exercising; socialising; household tasks etc....

Busy, yes. Even more important to drink tea I say.

My babies are sleeping now. I've got my cup of tea next to me. So here we go with:

What does it mean to me to be someone who makes and drinks tea?

  1. I am realistic about what I can achieve with my time.
  2. I don't lose perspective in life, I can see both the woods and the trees properly. 
  3. Committing to a tea break, and having integrity to stick with it, means I'm making the best job of every task I do, in the time I have to do it. 
  4. If someone else made the tea for me, they are a really great person I'm lucky to know.
  5. The nice warm feeling of holding and drinking the tea gives me a nice warm feeling.
  6. I am hydrating myself and that makes me (and my breast-fed baby) more healthy (I drink my tea weak so not too much diuretic effect).
  7. I can have meaningful, fun, interesting conversations over a cup of tea.
  8. Tea time gives my mind a break to do some prioritisation - and more importantly, some de-prioritisation.

....OK, so it's not actually the tea is it? It's wanting to be the kind of person that drinks tea!

For me, I'm a tea person if I spend every moment in life doing what I feel I should be doing at that very moment.

Right now, I'm going to get the babies up from their afternoon sleep - time for a play.

Happy weekend everyone!

PS Last night I got back home, freezing cold, having missed one train, had one cancelled and the last one very delayed and walked home in the dark. My husband and 2 year old son greeted me at the door with a cup of tea (tea is one of the word's he knows - my son that is, well my husband knows it too actually). Anyway, "mummy's tea" made "mummy happy" (quote) so I decided to write a blog entry about tea today.

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