Friday, February 1, 2013

Mums Choosing a Personal Trainer

How does a mum choose the right Personal Trainer?

Start with the basic requirements. Is your trainer an expert in how to recover safely from pregnancy and birth? Your trainer must know how to rebuild your core muscles, and what the most important areas are for mums to work on for maximum benefit. Familiarity with the common health risks for new mums doing exercise is also vital, to ensure you don't damage yourself (some helpful info is here). Also, does your trainer appreciate the extra exercise challenges mums may have? Sore boobs? Exhaustion? Lack of childcare? Can they advise you on diet? 

The best Personal Trainers for mums have all the basics - AND they are clear about EXACTLY what they offer in terms of style.

Let me share a couple of case studies.

Here are two trainers who DO know what they're about. Both provide amazing services for clients, but they couldn't really be more different:
What style of Personal Training works for you mums?

  1. Lucy Howlett has a degree in the performing arts and is creative, poised and balletic. She is very sensitive to her client's needs, she really gets the confidence and body image issues felt by many of her clients. She believes in a whole-life approach - focusing on diet and lifestyle as well as fitness. 

    Steve Walker is tough but he smiles a lot and enjoys banter. Fun but firm, he pushes himself and his clients hard. He is an expert in using weights and brings them into his workouts often. He offers diet advice and sports massage as well as training. He believes in sweat to get results.

    I'm willing to bet my readers are split 50:50 on who they'd like to work with. But I also bet one or other of them sounds really appealing. Yes?

    Now what if all you knew about Lucy was that she provides fun, varied workouts to set you on the path towards a fitter, healthier, stronger body?

    And you knew Steve would help you to lose body fat, increase muscle or just feel more energetic, and achieve your target?

    Not enough info!

    Great trainers will tell you what they're about, confidently covering the basics and quickly getting to "why I am a special Personal Trainer just for you". Look for the trainers that connect with you on a personal level. 

    Steve, Lucy, thanks for being featured. You're both amazing :)

    Readers, if you'd like to be in touch you can email: Lucy or Steve. You can also get free virtual personal training and join a local weekly exercise group with Ready Steady Mums.

    PS Ready Steady Mums has been trialling a Licensed Instructor Scheme with carefully selected class instructors and personal trainers like Lucy and Steve over the course of 2012. We will be ready to grant full licenses in late 2013. You'll need to be on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and fully insured. To register your interest in becoming a Licensed Ready Steady Mums Instructor please email your name, qualifications, location, and any specialisms to

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