Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Do I Get Fit As A Mum? (I can't get started!)

You can be a fit, balanced, healthy, loving mum.

BUT you do need to shake things up a bit, and take the challenges full on.

I can't go to the gym after work any more! I have no money! Childcare is impossible! I'm so unfit after pregnancy! I don't know what exercise to do! I have no time!

No one says it's easy.

I have shared the experience of early motherhood with hundreds of other mums. And I believe all of us can be wonderful mothers - as active, happy people ourselves.

How can I get started with exercise as a mum?

Kick-off your postnatal exercise plan in 5 minutes!
1. Do your pelvic floor exercises right now
2. Call a friend and arrange a time to go for a walk this week
3. Write down your fitness goal, share it far a wide (e.g. Facebook)

Done that? Now go to www.readysteadymums.com and meet your free virtual personal trainer.

You're on your way!

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