Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Sponsor For Ready Steady Mums

The search is on for the 2013 Ready Steady Mums Sponsor.

Can you help us choose the right one?

What Needs Sponsoring?

We want all mums to feel good, be healthy, and have fun - by actively embracing motherhood. We believe it is possible to overcome barriers to exercise like lack of credible guidance, childcare, money, self-confidence and physical pain.

So, Ready Steady Mums helps mums get fit with two innovative, and totally free, services.
1. The Virtual Personal Trainer – on-line, tailored guidance on safe exercises for new mums
2. Local Ready Steady Mums – volunteer-led groups meeting weekly to exercise together

What Will Our Sponsor Do?

Our sponsor will help us reach more mums: by supporting more volunteers to set up Local RSM groups and rewarding them for their amazing contribution to local communities. Our sponsor will also help extend our virtual personal training service for mums everywhere.

How Can You Help?

Thanks readers, for being part of Ready Steady Mums so far. You've already helped us develop what we do, and thanks for telling us when we're getting it right.

If you want to help us find our sponsor, you can -
1. Suggest who you would like to sponsor us (by commenting on this post)
2. Introduce me to someone who could make the decision to sponsor us on behalf of their company (by emailing

FYI I have written a pitch for our potential sponsors, which is at this link.


Info for potential sponsors

Our support is carefully designed to meet the practical and medical needs of new mums. It has been refined and developed over three years by medical and fitness professionals working with new mums. 

We help mums around the world get fit, precisely on their terms, through our on-line support. Virtual personal training delivered through our website is enhanced by content in our newsletter, on this blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

Mums around the UK also get fit together through Local RSM. Our volunteers are strong social influencers, and Sport England supports our work in communities.

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