Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fit Mum Tips - the latest round-up

Thanks for all the encouraging (and witty!) feedback about how much you're enjoying the Ready Steady Mums Fit Mum Tips.

It's great to have so many followers on Twitter @FitMumTips and now on our Ready Steady Mums Facebook page as well. I'm glad we are helping other mums with postnatal exercise.

Here is this sunny weekend's round-up of your favourite Fit Mum Tips.
  1. The best nursery rhyme workout? It must be The Grand Old Duke of York. Activate those pelvic floor muscles on the ups.
  2. Invite a friend to exercise with you, then you both have a commitment to stick to.
  3. Whilst you're appreciating the joy, passion and fulfilment of social media, give your pelvic floor muscles a squeeze.
  4. Do things that matter to each of you: you, your partner and your baby.
  5. Sing and dance with your baby, Rhyan holds Oliver like they're ballroom dancing and waltz across the lounge!
  6. Going out with your baby in a sling or baby carrier you burn more calories and it really makes you think about your posture (big babies go best in carriers like this bushbaby one we have 
  7. Say a big thank you to your partner for supporting you in getting active and looking after yourself. 
  8. Set yourself a goal to work towards - it doesn't have to be too hard or anything to do with weight. What about entering a 5km? Having something to aim for is a good 'focusser'. 
  9. Peep-bo can be quite a workout with the right level of enthusiasm! (and keep tummies in.. straight back.. active pelvic floor)
  10. Keep a food and exercise diary and use it to celebrate your achievements. 
The Grand Old Duke of York

Join our on-line community and start actively embracing motherhood with us!

Not long until October now and the launch of what we're all working to perfect here at Ready Steady Mums - The virtual personal trainer service just for mums.  

Got any pregnant friends?  Please tell them about us!

Registration will be free.  Signing up before your baby's born, and setting your postnatal exercise goals while you're still pregnant, gives you the best chance of getting there.

Launch details coming soon on my blog....

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